Perník Ltd. has at its disposal an internal laboratory, which is focused on the control of declared specifics and quality of supplied ingredients and on everyday control of the production.
Laboratory is mainly used to confirm the absence of gluten in gluten-free ingredients and final products – and to evaluate the effectivity of implemented safety and quality systems in the production.

These analyses are realized by a modern and automated system ELISA, which is sought after for its reliability, ease of use and service, size and wide scope of usability in laboratory measurements.

Laboratory is also equipped with rheometers, namely mixograf and alveograf.

Mixograf is able to measure physical characteristics of doughs – stability, expandability, softening; it is able to determine quality of flour proteins on the basis of water absorption values, also, how will change the dough consistency with the use of additives.
Alveograf monitors changes in a dough with constant water content, this is how it is able to measure its flexibility and baking quality of the flour.

IFS Food
Perník Ltd. is certified under IFS Food system; therefore, we ceaselessly innovate and refine our implemented food safety and quality system – far and above of legislative requirements (which is our way of ensuring effective safety, quality and authenticity of products for our customers); in Perník, we also move forward in other areas and processes connected to production.


Rainforest Alliance – Sustainable Agriculture Standard

RA is a standard that is involved in rainforests protection by supporting sustainable agriculture. RA tries to motivate communities, who depend on rainforests as a means of subsistence, to establish a sustainable way of running a business (the standard implements system “from forest to shop“), it fights against needless deforestation, exploitation, and to secure respectable living conditions of farmers and their families.
Perník Ltd. uses Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa in recipes of several selected products.


Certification RSPO – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
RSPO scheme ensures utilization of palm oil from sustainable sources across whole supply chain, similar to RA, from the point of view nature protection and social aspects of farmers and connected operations.


Gluten-free product of Perník Ltd. company – Free village Sponge Biscuits, with no gluten – was awarded by a prestigious brand „KLASA“, which is granted by Ministry of Agriculture in Czech Republic for meeting superior qualitative criteria