Our company is certified to international food standard IFS.

Since mid-2016 we have certified gluten-free production hall for a GLUTEN FREE.

Own laboratory – determination of gluten

The products are tested in your own laboratory – using an ELISA measure automated, which is a device that makes the most of the test itself and assess the amount of gluten in the sample.

By any production of gluten-free products we send the samples to an accredited laboratory to check gluten.

The accredited and our laboratory use a method GLUTEN RIDASCREEN.

All finished products are gluten-gliadin content up to 20 mg / kg, so is the legal limit for the label “gluten-free”.


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Own laboratory – microbiological part

Part of our own laboratory is a microbiological part where we can test the basic microbiological assessment.


Own laboratory – dermining the quality of flour

Another part of the laboratory is a section on determining the quality of purchased flour. Using the appliance, we are able to determine the elongation, flexibility, granulation and humidity purchased flour.